The locality is represented as a point on the map.



The locality is represented as an area on the map.



This only shows up in the search. Clicking this will load the locality which encompasses the currently listed locality.

Searching by name screenshot

- Users may use the search bar to search for a place of interest within the DPRK Digital Atlas’ database. Only places of interest within the database are searchable

- Users may search in English or Korean. (Must have Korean language/Keyboard option enabled on your OS)

Example: Try Searching “Chosan” and click the search button. The results are shown below.

searching screenshot

The application returned two matching results for “Chosan”. The results show “Chosan” as a point in the red text and the county polygon in blue text. In order for the results to show up on the mapping window, you must check the box.

Checking both boxes will return “Chosan” county polygon and “Chosan” placemarker. (as represented below)

Clicking on the Red text “Chosan” point will zoom the mapping window to the placemaker

searching screenshot

Clicking on the Blue text “Chosan”, this polygon has points layered within it; therefore the database will now load all the points of interests associated with “Chosan”.

searching screenshot

You may check and uncheck any point of interest as you like. If you would like to see all points of interest displayed on the map you may use the “Check All” box at the bottom of the list. Uncheck the box if you would like to remove all the points currently displayed.

 searching screenshot

(Show all displayed above)

The “Labels” button will turn on/off the labels for the points/places of interest on the mapping window.

searching screenshot

(Show all displayed with Labels)

 If you would like to go back to the previous layer you may use the “ Step Backwards” button. The “Reset” button will reset the search and default you back to the default page.

searching screenshot

Below the Search tools you will notice the layer list name. “Chosan” is the current layer you are looking at therefore the name will be displayed at the top. Below the name “Chosan” you will notice searching screenshot.This display shows you which parent layer “Chosan” belongs to. “Chosan” is a county within “Jagang”. Clicking the “Jagang” blue text will link you back to the county layers of “Jagang”. Clicking on the “Top” link will direct you back to the default Province layers list. 

search by coordinates

The mapping window can be centered to a specific Lat/Long coordinate. You have the option to type in your desired coordinates and the mapping window will center to the coordinates. Coordinates are displayed and may be entered in Decimal Degrees. In order to enter a coordinates, please click on the “Search by Long/Lat” tab.

Once you enter your coordinates a place marker will be placed on the map. The place marker will disappear when the map is moved.

Users may also interactively display points/places on the layer list by clicking on the County polygons displayed on the mapping window. First you must be zoomed in to your area of interest.

By clicking any area part of the polygon, the layer list will load and display all points/places associated within the county polygon.



Chosan polygon

Clicking anywhere on “Chosan” polygon will load and display all points/places located within “Chosan” within the layer list.

List of points and places